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Some questions Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Some questions - Personal Statement Example There have been recent cases of gunshot killings in American schools and universities which proves the fact that America is a violent society. The concept of gangs is also one of the major reasons which are dragging the American youth towards collective violence. Kids and teens feel good when they are in a gang. According to Zimring and Hawkins (A-21), the rate of violent death in United States is four to 18 times higher than in any other country, and the reason for this is extensive use of handguns in muggings and burglary. I am a female member of my society. If I was assigned the male gender at birth, then my life would have been totally different. Though, both sexes bring with them their responsibilities, duties and rights, but the male gender is always given a loose edge in almost every society around the globe, especially in societies where male chauvinism has deepened its roots. If I was a male, I would have received higher education which females are kept deprived of at times. I would have been able to hang out with friends, come late at nights and not being answerable to anybody. After marriage, I would not have to leave my parents house to go live with strangers who have no soft corner for the new arrival. I would have been allowed to work outside and enjoy the freedom. I would have been able to impose upon my subordinates whatever I thought is better. I would have been able to lead my family in my own way without having to look for permissions and consents of other members of the family. I wou ld relax and sleep till late hours without getting calls from my mom to get up and look for household chores. I would not be running after my kids and telling them to clean up the mess! The major advantage of school tracking is that it enables teachers to better decide what level of lessons to give to which group of students, keeping in mind their capabilities. This also enhances the

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Traumatic Brain Injuries in Prison Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Traumatic Brain Injuries in Prison - Essay Example These incidences are seen to increase as one ages where one becomes a danger to those around them. When a person that has suffered from TBI gets incarcerated, the cognitive and behavioral tendencies related to TBI make it difficult for them to adjust to prison life. For this reason, rehabilitation efforts get complicated especially since TBI resultant habits such as drug dependency and psychiatric problems make it difficult for a prisoner to adjust to prison life and life after their conviction (Ferguson et al 11). A large number of prisoners serving their sentences are doing so while suffering from TBI and this complicates the rehabilitation efforts and their ability to function properly when they get back to society. There are approximately two million people living in jails and prisons in America, 25-87% of these are reported as having suffered a TBI or head injury. Further broken down, women imprisoned for violent crimes have a higher chance of having suffered a TBI or another kind of physical abuse prior to their crime. Also, women with a substance abuse disorder are likely to suffer from a TBI while in prison (â€Å"Traumatic Brain Injury†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ). This is an alarming situation as TBI often leads to long-term cognitive impairment making it difficult for persons suffering from it to go through their daily activities and sustain jobs; particularly with persons who are come from prisons or jails. It becomes important to highlight the burden that TBI casts on persons suffering from it. The long-term cognitive impairment depicts its first detrimental effect, which is that it is a disabling injury and this is evidenced by the fact productivity lost as a result of TBI is at 15.7% and this is 14 times that linked to spinal cord injury. The number of persons suffering from TBI is likely to be higher as there are persons that are likely not

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Ownership of Two Contrasting Businesses Essay Example for Free

Ownership of Two Contrasting Businesses Essay Asda is the second largest retailer in the UK, and it has been the largest subsidiary of the Wal-Mart family of companies since 1999. The UKs supermarket sector has also become more competitive. This contest between retailers in the marketplace helps to keep prices down. It also makes sure that organisations always produce and sell the goods that consumers really want. Asda is engaged in food, clothes, electronic and furniture selling. Consumers like price competition, as it means they can buy goods at low prices and save money. Asda is a large national company that makes a profit and it is private as well. Asda has a limited liability which means that they might lose the money they have invested in a business. This company is an incorporated business and it is also a public limited company. The main aims and objectives of Asda are: †¢To provide goods and services that is cheap and affordable to consumers to the public, to reduce the cost †¢To recycling their waste †¢To supporting voluntary services Oxfam is a small not-for-profit organisation and it is a global company because it operates in countries around the world. It is owned by Oxfam Trading Limited Companies and it is in private sector. The main aims and objective of this company are: †¢To Aid third world countries in any way they can †¢To relieve poverty, distress and suffering †¢To educate people about the nature, causes and effects if poverty †¢To campaign for a fairer world †¢To encourage western nations to supply aid to third world countries.

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Biometrics :: Biotechnology Science Essays

Biometrics Biometrics is a new term for many, but it is not a new idea. The idea of Biometrics first began with finger print analysis. Today, Biometrics has expanded to not only your fingerprints but also ear, face, facial thermogram, hand vein, hand geometry, iris, retina, signature and voice analysis. Technology has gone from science fiction to reality. This paper will include a brief description of each of the types of Biometrics and who is using them. The answer to "Who is using Biometrics?" may surprise you. In the United States over 150 schools are using a Biometrics system. This system allows the children to pay for cafeteria lunches. Over 200,000 students are participating in the Fingerprint Biometric system. The average system will cost any where from $4,000 to $10,000 to implement. How does it save you money? The answer is simply, you no longer need cashiers. All you need is a monitor. There is no longer cash to be accounted for, and children no longer have to bring money to school. Parents don’t have to worry how the money is being spent. The Fingerprint system is easy and results in quicker lines. Some major concerns for the parents are; 1.) How does the Fingerprint technology work? 2.) Can this technology be used in the police department? 3.) What about privacy issues? The technology being used in our school cannot be used in law enforcement. The fingerprint of your index finger is scanned, then transformed into a twenty-seven point grid, and a mathematical algorithm is the result. This is what the computer matches upnot your actual fingerprint. Ear Prints have had success for the Police in the United Kingdom. They have been using this technology to find missing persons and to identify unknown bodies. Ear prints are generally accepted as being unique, still it is hard to get a conviction if an ear print was left at the seen of a crime. Even though each ear is unique with its contour and lines; it has not been proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the ear print itself left behind is unique. There are fears of this new technology, because of its possible misuse and its accuracy. One of the greatest fears is that our justice system will go from innocent until proven guilty to guilty until proven innocent. This technology will bring great benefits until it fails, and then a tremendous amount of harm to even those who benefit from the technology.

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Of mice and men assignment Essay

Curley is physically aggressive towards Lennie, while his wife is sexually provocative. These two characters create trouble for Lennie from the start and combine to cause his death in the end. The main points that I will show how Curley’s physically aggression towards Lennie helps to causes his death in the end are: * When he first meets George and Lennie * When he is looking for a fight with someone * When his wife is killed he still want to get Lennie The main points that I will show how Curley’s wife sexually provocative towards Lennie helps to causes his death in the end are: * When she first meets George and Lennie * When Lennie is with Candy and Crooks in the bunk house * At the end when both of them are in the barn alone together * Even when she is dead as Lennie knows that George will be mad at him This essay will argue that Curley is physically aggressive towards Lennie while his wife is sexually provocative. Both characters combine to cause his death. The physical aggression towards Lennie starts when Curley first meets Lennie and George, â€Å"†¦Curley lashed his body around. â€Å"By Christ, he’s gotta talk when he’s spoken to. What the hell are you getting’ into it for?†¦Ã¢â‚¬  â€Å"†¦We jus’ come in,† said Lennie softly. Curley stared levelly at him. â€Å"Well, nex’ time you answer when you’re spoken to.† He turned towards the door and walked out, his elbows were still bent out a little. †¦Ã¢â‚¬  From the two passages you can see that Curley’s physical aggression towards Lennie starts early in the book and is caused by Lennie not talking. This is caused after he tries quizzing them again after the boss had just finished, his father. He takes an instant disliking towards Lennie. Curley tries to show the two who is the boss and that they should mess with him but, by flexing his muscles and taking a fighting crouch but Curley is taken by surprise when Lennie answers him in a soft voice, then Curley leaves the bunk house walking with his muscles still flexed. The swamper (Candy) says â€Å"†¦Curley’s like a lot of little guys. He hates big guys. He’s alla time picking scraps with big guys. Kind of like he’s mad at ’em because he ain’t a big guy. You seen little guys like that, ain’t you? Always scrapping?† â€Å"Sure,† said George. â€Å"I seen plenty tough little guys. But this Curley better not make no mistake about Lennie. Lennie ain’t handy, but this Curley punk is gonna get hurt if he messes around with Lennie.† â€Å"Well, Curley’s pretty handy,† the swamper said sceptically. †¦Ã¢â‚¬  From this you find out that Curley is meant to be handy and can fight, also that Lennie my not be able to fight but is strong. You also get the feeling that you know that both of them are going to cross paths one way or another. Also Steinbeck is warning of the power and strength of Lennie in the same way with the mouse that Lennie has at the start of the book. Curley’s wife sexually provocative towards Lennie also starts when she first meets the pair, Lennie and George. â€Å"†¦Both men glanced up, for the rectangle of sunshine in the doorway was cut off. A girl was standing there looking in. She had full, rouged lips and wide-spaced eyes, heavily made up. Her fingernails were red. Her hair hung in little rolled clusters, like sausages. She wore a cotton house dress and red mules, on the insteps of which were little bouquets of red ostrich feathers. â€Å"I’m lookin’ for Curley,† she said. Her voice had a nasal, brittle quality. George looked away from her and then back. â€Å"He was in here a minute ago, but he went.† â€Å"Oh!† She put her hands behind her back and leaned against the door frame so that her body was thrown forward. â€Å"You’re the new fellas that just come, ain’t ya?† â€Å"Yeah.† Lennie’s eyes moved down over her body, and thought she did not seem to be looking at Lennie she bridled a little. She looked at her fingernails, â€Å"sometimes Curley’s in here,† she explained. George said brusquely, â€Å"Well he ain’t now.† â€Å"If he ain’t a guess I better look some place else,† se said playfully. Lennie watched her, fascinated. George said, â€Å"If I see him, I’ll pass the word you was looking for him.† She smiled archly and twitched her body. â€Å"Nobody can’t blame a person for lookin’,† she said. †¦Ã¢â‚¬  â€Å"†¦ Lennie still stared at the doorway where she had been. â€Å"Gosh, she was purty.† He smiled admiringly. George looked quickly down at him and then he took him by an ear and shook him. â€Å"Listen to me, you crazy bastard,† he said fiercely. â€Å"Don’t you even take a look at that bitch. I don’t care what she says and what she does. I seen ’em poison before, but I never seen no piece of jail bait worse than her. You leave her be.† Lennie tried to disengage his ear. â€Å"I never done nothing, George.† â€Å"No, you never. But when she was standin’ in the doorway showin’ her leg, you wasn’t looking the other way, neither†¦.† The way in which Steinbeck describes Curley’s wife makes her come across as I tart. George thinks that she is a â€Å"tramp†, â€Å"jail bait† and a â€Å"rat trap†. George also gets concerned when Lennie say that she is â€Å"purty†. In this chapter Steinbeck makes the ranch sound scary, a sense of fear like he want you to know something bad is going to happen with out telling you. The next physical aggression towards Lennie is when Curley is looking for his wife and is accusing Slim. They walk in to the bunk house and Slim is fed-up with Curley asking him about his wife and lets him know but Curley dose not want to fight with Slim. He then looks around the room, Carlson also had a dig at Curley but Curley did not want to fight with him either. He knows that he will have a bit of trouble with both of these men. Then Candy says something and Curley just looks straight and him but then notices Lennie and think of fighting with him. â€Å"†¦ His eyes slipped on past and lighted on Lennie; and Lennie was still smiling with delight at the memory of the ranch. Curley stepped over to Lennie lie a terrier. â€Å"What the hell you laughin’ at?† Lennie looked blankly at him. â€Å"Huh?† Then Curley’s rage exploded. â€Å"Come on, ya big bastard. Get up on your feet. No big son-of-a-bitch is gonna laugh at me. I’ll show ya how’s yella.† Lennie looked hopelessly at George, and then he got up and tried to retreat. Curley was balanced and poised. He slashed at Lennie with left, and then smashed him down his nose with a right. Lennie gave a cry of terror. Blood welled from his nose. â€Å"George,† he cried. Make ‘um let me alone, George.† He backed until he was against the wall, and Curley followed, slugging him in the face. Lennie’s hands remained at his sides; he was too frightened to defend himself†¦.† â€Å"†¦Curley attacked his stomach and cut off his wind. Slim jumped up. â€Å"The dirty little rat,† he cried, â€Å"I’ll get ‘um myself.† George put out his hand and grabbed Slim. Wait a minute,† he shouted. He cupped his hands around his mouth and yelled, â€Å"Get him Lennie!† Lennie took his hands away from his face and looked about for George, and Curley slashed at his eyes. The big face was covered with blood. George yelled again, â€Å"I said get him.† Curley’s fist was swinging when Lennie reached for it. The next minute Curley was flopping like a fish on a line, and his closed fist was lost in Lennie’s big hand. George ran down the room. â€Å"Leggo of him, Lennie. Let go.† But Lennie watched in terror the flopping little man whom he held. Blood ran down Lennie’s face, one of his eyes was cut and closed. George slapped him in the face again and again, still Lennie held on to the closed fist. Curley was white and shrunken by now, and his struggling had become weak. He stood crying, his fist lost in Lennie’s paw. George shouted over and over, â€Å"Leggo his hand, Lennie. Leggo. Slim, come help me while the guy got any hand left.† Suddenly Lennie let go his hold. He crouched cowering against the wall. â€Å"You tol’ me to, George,† he said miserably. Curley sat down on the floor, looking in wonder at his crushed hand. Slim and Carlson bent over him. Then Slim straightened up and regarded Lennie with horror. â€Å"We got to get him to a doctor,† he said. â€Å"Looks to me like ever’ bone in his han’ is bust†¦.† The fight started after Carlson said to Curley, â€Å"†¦You’re as yella as a frog†¦Ã¢â‚¬  Then after Candy joins in saying to Curley in disgust, â€Å"†¦Glove fulla Vaseline†¦Ã¢â‚¬  This makes Curley feel angry that everyone is saying this to him. He notices that Lennie is smiling, he think that he is smiling at Curley so he orders him to his feet and begins fighting with Lennie. Lennie is too scared to fight back and just stands there. Steinbeck makes a comment of Lennie being animal like, â€Å"†¦He stood crying, his fist lost in Lennie’s paw†¦.† Steinbeck descries Lennie as being like a bear being very powerful; once Lennie had hold of something or someone he won’t let go. Just like the girl in Weed, the little mouse, Curley’s hand, the little brown and whit puppy and Curley’s wife in the end. The next time Curley’s wife is sexually provocative towards Lennie is when she goes in to Crooks room trying to find out where her husband has gone. â€Å"†¦She stood still in the doorway, smiling a little at them, rubbing the nails of one of her hand with the thumb and forefinger of the other. And her eyes travelled from one face to another. â€Å"They left all the week ones here,† she said finally. â€Å"Think I don’t know where they all went? Even Curley. I know where they all went.† Lennie watched he, fascinated; but Candy and Crooks were scowling down away from her eyes. Candy said, â€Å"Then if you know, why you want to ast us where Curley is at?†¦Ã¢â‚¬  You can tell that Curley’s wife is sexually provocative towards Lennie and she calls him a â€Å"dum-dum† then stands in the doorway flirting with the â€Å"weak ones†. Candy and Crooks were scowling down away from her eyes where as Lennie was fascinated by her, that shows his feeling towards her, being different from the other two men. The next time Curley’s wife is sexually provocative towards Lennie is when she goes in to the barn where Lennie is playing with his new puppy, while everyone is in a horseshoes competition. The two are alone in the barn together for the first time. â€Å"†¦ Curley’s wife moved away from him a little. â€Å"I think you’re nuts,† she said. â€Å"No I ain’t,† Lennie explained earnestly. â€Å"George says I ain’t. I like to pet nice things with my fingers, sof’ things.† She was a little bit reassured. â€Å"Well, how don’t?† She said. â€Å"Ever’ body likes that. I like to feel silk an’ velvet. Do you like to feel velvet?† Lennie chuckled with pleasure. â€Å"You bet, by God,† he cried happily. â€Å"An’ I had some, too. A lady gave me some, an’ that lady was – my own Aunt Clara. She gave it right to me-‘ about this big a piece. I wished I had that velvet right now.† A frown came over his face. â€Å"I lost it,† he said. â€Å"Ain’t seen it for a long time.† Curley’s wife laughed at him. â€Å"You’re nuts,† she said. â€Å"But you’re kinda nice fe lla. Jus’ like a big baby. But a person can see kinda what you mean. When I’m doin’ my hair sometimes I jus’ set an’ stroke it’ cause it’s soft†. To show how she did it, she ran her fingers over the top of her head. â€Å"Some people got kinda coarse hair,† she said complacently. â€Å"Take Curley. His hair is jus’ like wire. But mine is soft and fine. ‘Course I brush it a lot. That makes it fine. Here- feel right here.† She took Lennie’s hand and put it on her head. â€Å"Feel right aroun’ there an’ see how soft it is.† Lennie’s big fingers fell to stroking her hair. â€Å"Don’t you muss it up,† she said. Lennie said â€Å"Oh! That’s nice,† and he stroked harder. â€Å"Oh, that’s nice.† â€Å"Look out, now, you’ll muss it.† And then she cried angrily, â€Å"You stop it now, you’ll mess it all up.† She jerked her head sideways, and Lennie’s fingers closed on her hair and hung on. â€Å"Let go,† she cried. â€Å"You let go!† Lennie was in a panic. His face was contorted. She screamed then, and Lennie’s other hand closed over her mouth and nose. â€Å"Please don’t,† he begged. â€Å"Oh! Please don’t do that. George’ll be mad.† She struggled violently under his hands. Her feet battered on the hay and she writhed to be free; and from under Lennie’s hand came a muffled screaming. Lennie began to cry with fright. â€Å"Oh! Pleas don’t do non of that,† he begged. â€Å"George gonna say I done a bad thing. He ain’t gonna let me tend no rabbits.† He moved his hand a little and her hoarse cry came out. Then Lennie grew angry. â€Å"Now don’t,† he said. â€Å"I don’t want you to yell. You gonna get me in trouble jus’ like George says you will. Now don’t you do that.† And she continued to struggle, and her eyes were wild with terror. He shook her then, and he was angry with her. â€Å"Don’t you go yellin’,† he said and shook her; and her body flopped like a fish. And then she was still, for Lennie had broken her neck. He looked down at her, and carefully he removed his hands from over her mouth, and she lay still. â€Å"I don’t want ta hurt you,† he said. â€Å"But George’ll be mad if you yell.† When she didn’t answer nor move he bent closely over her. He lifted her arm and let it drop. For a moment he seemed bewildered. And then he whispered in fright, â€Å"I done a bad thing. I done a bad thing.† He pawed up the hay until it partly covered her†¦Ã¢â‚¬  All the trouble starts when she tries to be nice to Lennie by comforting him about the dead pup. When the two get talking they both go on about different thing, not really communicating just talking about their own problems. They both find that they have something in common which are soft things and even thou she know the strength of Lennie and that she thinks he’s nuts she still encourage him to play with her hair. When Curley wife starts to scream Lennie does what he’s done in the past, squeezed the life out of it just like the mice, woman in Weed, Little pup and Curley’s hand. Steinbeck describes the attack by Lennie on Curley and Curley’s wife in the same way, â€Å"Like I fish† which when you think of a limp fish it does nothing and is useless. Finally the next time Curley’s wife is contributes towards Lennie’s death is when she is dead as Lennie know that George will not be happy with him. â€Å"†¦ I done a real bad thing,† he said. â€Å"I shouldn’t of did that. George’ll be mad. An’†¦he said†¦an’ hide in the brush till he come. He’s gonna be mad. In the brush till he come. Tha’s what he said.† Lennie went back and looked at the dead girl. The puppy lay close to her. Lennie picked it up. â€Å"I’ll throw him away,† he said. â€Å"It’s bad enough like it is.† He put the pup under his coat, and he crept to the barn wall and peered out between the cracks, toward the horseshoe game. And then he crept around the end of the last manger and disappeared†¦.† After killing Curley’s wife Lennie knows that George will not be happy with what he has done, killing the pup and well as Curley’s wife. He remembers to go and hide and decided that he must hide the dog. Finally the next time Curley shows his physical aggression towards Lennie is when he finds out his wife had been killed. â€Å"†¦Curley came suddenly to life. â€Å"I know who done it,† he cried. â€Å"That big son-of-a-bitch done it. I know he done it. Why- ever’ body else was out there playin’ horseshoes.† He worked himself into a fury. â€Å"I’m gonna get him. I’m going for my shotgun. I’ll kill the big-son-of-a-bitch myself. I’ll shoot ‘im in the guts. Come on, you guys.† He ran furiously out of the barn†¦Ã¢â‚¬  â€Å"†¦Slim stood looking down at Curley’s wife. He said, â€Å"Curley- maybe you better stay here with your wife.† Curley’s face reddened. â€Å"I’m goin’,† he said. â€Å"I’m gonna shoot the guts outta that big bastard myself, even if I only got one hand. I’m gonna get ‘im†¦.† When Curley finds out his wife has been killed by Lennie he feel humiliated by this and the fact that it’s happened twice make him want revenge more. The fact that he dose not care about his wife, the fact that Slim touches his wife to find out what is up with her and to make sure she is dead. If he did care about her as well then he would have not cared about going out to kill Lennie he would have wanted to stay with his wife. Steinbeck makes Curley sound like a cold man who just wants Lennie dead. Although Lennie is shot by George in the end as Steinbeck make you fell that George ought to do it him self. As earlier in the book when Candy lets someone kill his dog he regrets it from the first moment and say that he should have killed it himself. From what I have found within of mice and men Curley is physically aggressive towards Lennie, while his wife is sexually provocative. These two characters create trouble for Lennie from the start and combine to cause his death in the end. Curley’s physically aggression towards Lennie that helps to causes his death in the end was: * The first meeting with George and Lennie * Looking for a fight with someone * After wife is killed he still want to get Lennie Curley’s wife sexually provocative towards Lennie which helps to causes his death in the end were: * The first meeting with George and Lennie * When Lennie is with Candy and Crooks in the bunk house * At the end when both of them are in the barn alone together * Even when she is dead as Lennie knows that George will be mad at him I feel that they both help to contribute towards Lennie’s death in the end both in different way.

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How Higher Education Is High Or Higher Than It s Ever Been

The demand for postsecondary education is as high or higher than it s ever been† and the effects of this leap are starting to be seen (Sanders, 2015). The problem with this is â€Å"most Americans wanting a good job†¦ not just a degree† (Sanders, 2015). This paper will explore the expectations of how the focus on what higher education is, what vocational schools are, the effects financially and mentally, and if higher education will affect upcoming generations, and what might happen if the country gave more options for students, such as vocational schools. Higher education goes beyond what is taught in elementary and secondary school. Elementary and secondary schools were thought to be the basic education, what one needed to survive in American, or even be financially stable in American. Higher education is colleges, and universities. These schools are there to make scholars out of students. â€Å"Regarding U.S. dominance [for] higher education† more and more students are going to these more in depth studies (Lloyd, Birchard, Lewington, 2010). When one talks about higher education, most assume anything past the graduation of high school, but there seems to be a key difference in how Americans look at two-year degrees (community colleges) and how they look at a four year degree. When 1,000 people were asked about the quality of education the results were startling. On a 5 point scale, people were asked to rate what they thought of the quality of education was for a two yearShow MoreRelatedAchieving Gender Equality : Education15 20 Words   |  7 PagesAchieving Gender Equality: Education in China In Gish Jen’s short story Who s Irish?, the main character is a determined Chinese grandmother who moved to America with her husband when she was a young woman, and now, in her old age, she is nearing her limit when she cannot handle her granddaughter s behavior and how she is being raised. The story was written in 1956 and while reading it a question of interest grew in knowing about gender inequality in China and if it has changed in the last severalRead MoreTuition Free Public College Education1677 Words   |  7 PagesAnd Education for All: Tuition-Free Public College Education Everyone has the right to an education and education should be as accessible as possible to fulfill this need. Without an education, people are rendered powerless. Education gives people the power to go wherever and do whatever they want in life. This is especially true for higher education and a college degree is needed now more than ever. In the United States, in order to get ahead in a career or go up the social ladder, one needs aRead MoreShould Higher Education Be Free?1140 Words   |  5 PagesMexico, and Brazil all offer higher education for free to their citizens. President Obama proposed a free community college starting in Tennessee. His proposal was born out of recognition that students currently enrolled are struggling. According to an article written by Vijay Govindarajan and Jatin Desai from the Harvard Business Review there has been a 400% increase in the cost of higher education. Galloping tuition hikes have made attending college more expensive today than at any point in U.S historyRead MoreAmeric The College Loan Scandal1357 Words   |  6 Pageshave essentially been backed into a corner because any good paying job requires a 4 year degree, but the debt gathered in doing so makes life after getting a degree just as difficult. Taibbi’s first point of surprise was â€Å"In 2010, it estimated that one in five had defaulted on their loans since 1995, that 31 percent of community-college students default and that an astonishing 40 percent of students attending for-profit schools end up defaulting† (Taibbi). Pursuing a higher education is something thatRead MoreWe re All Haitian Family Essay774 Words   |  4 Pagesin my family. It s not a big family, but we re happy when we are together. My parents are very strict, I could say that it s in our culture, but not all Haitian parents are strict. It s just the way Haitians are. Heritage? I don t think I have that in my family, except soils, animals like ducks, donkey, cow, and house s my grand-grandfather left before he died, but we don t care that much. They re not that important because all they bring is trouble to families. Education was always priorityRead MorePurpose of Higher Education Essay1035 Words   |  5 Pagesbenefits of obtaining a higher education. There are many advantages to obtaining a college degree that can benefit the overall wellbeing of an individual. Society will also benefit as a whole due to the nature of one’s intelligence within a community. As for the human race knowledge is power, and power can do great things. A higher education promises widespread opportunities for graduates. In recent years it was much more common for high school graduates to find high paying jobs, but that isRead MorePublic Policy Concerning Education During Prisons1449 Words   |  6 Pagespolicy concerning education in prisons decisively emphasizes punitive programming over rehabilitate or educational programming. In regards to higher education in prisons the persuasive public echo of â€Å"why should criminals get for free what the rest of us pay for† is a falsehood built on the backs of these rulings. I would argue that the education paid for through incarceration entails a greater personal cost of freedoms than a paid tuition could ever represent. I doubt anyone would ever go to prison toRead MoreThe Debate Over High Stakes Testing Essay1003 Words   |  5 Pagesthe pros and cons to high stakes testing in Texas. High stakes testing was meant to improve academic scores and motivate teachers, but unintende d concerns have risen. Professionals and the media question exactly how beneficial these test are, and if we should continue to use them. Texas was looked at because students had made huge strides in statewide testing. Gains in Texas Assessment and Academic Skills (TAAS) reading and math scores for both majority and minority have been so dramatic that theyRead MoreWe re All Haitian Family776 Words   |  4 Pagesmy family. It s not a big family, but we re happy when we are together. My parents are very strict, I could say that it s in our culture, but not all Haitian parents are strict. It s just the way Haitians are. Heritage? I don t think I have that in my family, except soils, animals like ducks, donkey, cow, and houses my grand-grandfather left before he died, but we don t care that much. They re not that important because all they bring is trouble in families. Education has been always priorityRead MoreHigher Education : Is It Worth It?977 Words   |  4 PagesHigher Edu cation – Is It Worth It? Everyone always says that college is what you’re supposed to do after graduating; College has become an â€Å"expected† part of life. Everyone always says that you’re degree or â€Å"academic qualifications† is what will lead you on the road of success and help you achieve your goals. However, is it actually putting you on the road to success? Are your academic qualifications indeed important to your chances of a successful career? I think so. I find that a higher education

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The Media Of Advertisements On Advertisements - 1225 Words

In today’s fast-paced world, media texts such as advertisements aim to convey meaning with a single glance. Through using clever tools to interpretation , rhetorical, genre and narratology this can be achieved, meaning that adverts on billboards or in magazines can successfully get their message across with no more than a fleeting look. It is the different combinations and the selected signs which allow us in general to convey meanings through any print advertisement and the connotations that these signs have and what we determine from different types of signs, through the process of signification. These tools allow brands, products, to anchor a product and create a naturalised myth of the product such as ‘this product t will for fill your benefits’’, to sell it to the consumerist world. As we are now in an age of sophisticated advertising, there are no long written messages on the majority of print advertisements. It is down to certain tools to produce a c omplex network of signs to produce a direct anchored meaning and in most cases to avoid vagueness. There are many conventions that the genre of print advertisements and particularly headphone advertisements adheres to and outstanding to these common features we have certain expectations of what they will include. The advertisement I have chosen both in print and on clip is a sub genre of headphones sold by both the same company Sony publications, of which was founded May 7, 1946, Tokyo, Japan. For any headphoneShow MoreRelatedThe Culture Of Media Advertisements949 Words   |  4 PagesCulture in Media ADS The definition of culture states that it means a way of life of a group of people, the behaviors the beliefs values and symbols that they accept. Generally without thinking about them, and they are passed along by communication and imitation by one generation to the next. In the HSBC commercials we see them showing the differences between for an example the way certain cultures do business. Some American meetings take place standing up in order to save time. In Japan this wouldRead MoreAdvertisement And Culture Of The Media1658 Words   |  7 Pages Advertisement and Cultural Transformation in Middle East: In Special Context to Oman Abhishek K. Singh Faculty, Department of Communication Studies, College of Applied Sciences Sultanate of Oman ______________________________________________________________________________ 1. Introduction In the era of information society, media is playing a very crucial part in everyday lives. It influences both how we see ourselves and society in all perspectives. There are differentRead MoreAdvertisement Of A Social Media1415 Words   |  6 Pagesfor any reason at all, whether it’s go log onto a social media site or to research a topic, what do you see all over? You see advertisements. Maybe they’re along the side of the page you are viewing, maybe they’re in the middle of the paragraphs, or maybe they even have something that pops up and advertises something so that you cannot ignore it. Either way, you can’t avoid seeing ads. They are everywhere. Most of the time, the advertisements we see are targeted at girls or women, as I see a lot ofRead MoreThe Media Of Sexual Advertisements1043 Words   |  5 Pages We are all familiar with the extent of sexual advertisements today. Advertisements can be overly erotic and push the threshold to being pornograph y. Carls Jr. is well known for their sexual advertisements that purposely expose a half dressed women eating a giant cheeseburger. There have been several advertisements of this nature throughout the last decade, but this type of sexual campaigning began with Paris Hilton’s ad for the Spicy BBQ Six Dollar Burger. The ad only showed the burger for aboutRead MoreEssay on Advertisements in the Media1550 Words   |  7 PagesAdvertisements in the Media Advertisements are used everywhere, and they are very important to every company or product we own. They are the very method of selling everything, although not all adverts are the same. They differ depending on their target audience. Target audience splits up into three categories: social class, age and gender, although religions, the political party which people support, and also peoples other general interests also play a large part inRead MoreThe Mass Deception Of Advertisements And Media1016 Words   |  5 Pages We are all aware of the mass deception in advertisements and media. We are all outraged at this deceit and manipulation of distorted, â€Å"perfected† and idealized images. And we are all guilty of this illusionary world we live in. Several studies point out that it’s not the social networking sites themselves that inspires states of disconnection, jealousy and envy – rather, the specific uses of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr that create these deceiving photos. We complain aboutRead MoreTraditional Marketing And Advertisement And Social Media1344 Words   |  6 PagesMarketing and Advertisement and Social Media What is a product without a voice? When a product is created, marketing and adverting is the best way gain recognition; whether it’s tangible or intangible. Traditional marketing and advertisement didn’t have social media’s enhancements and access to broader markets. Social media has not only enhanced traditional marketing but it also has saved many organizations money. According to Safko, (2013) â€Å"We all know that Traditional marketing media is expensiveRead MoreCreate Mass Print Media Advertisements Essay1461 Words   |  6 Pagesâ€Æ' Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals BSBADV509A – Create mass print media advertisements Assessment Task 1 Client contact information: Address: RSPCA Australia Inc PO Box 265 Deakin West ACT 2600 Australia Phone: 02 6282 8300 Email: Project: Mass print media advertisements (newspaper, magazine and outdoor) promoting the RSPCA Adoptapet program Prepared by: Carina Morais 1-Background/ Overview: The Royal Society for the PreventionRead MoreDepiction Of Women During Advertisements And Social Media1274 Words   |  6 Pageswomen do. Posting on social networks is what a lot of Americans in general do. The truth of the matter is that women dominate the usage of social media, but that doesn t mean that they should be depicted anything other than the hardworking, daring, extraordinary people they are. The debate over the depiction of women in advertisements and social media is a prominent topic today. Women are increasingly becoming bolder members of society, breaking barriers that many thought could not be broken. ForRead MoreImpact of Global and Local Media Advertisement on Children2533 Words   |  11 PagesLOCAL MEDIA ADVERTISEMENT ON CHILDREN Submitted by: S.BHAVANA ASSISTANT PROFESSOR DEPARTMENT OF VISUAL COMMUNICATION ACHARIYA ARTS AND SCIENCE COLLEGE VILLIANUR, PUDUCHERRY 9976228555 Submitted To: Professor. Govindaraju Head of the Department Department of Communication Manonmaniam Sundaranar University Tirunelveli - 627 012 E-mail ID : Submitted for: (ACT-TNP Annual Conference on Globalisation, Local Media and